Dri-Fit T-Shirt Printing Singapore

A good custom printed dry fit t shirt is having a suitable material and the right printing method for the design that sits on top of the shirt. Customised t shirts are typically designed with an organisation or event in mind and the material is selected based on the nature of the event or the requirement of the company.

So…what is dryfit?

“Dryfit” or “dri fit” is a term used to describe a type of moisture-wicking fabric technology commonly used in athletic apparel and sportswear. The primary function is to keep the wearer dry during strenuous activities by fast wicking perspiration and moisture away from the skin to the fabric’s outer surface, where it may evaporate more easily.

Dryfit fabrics are made of synthetic materials like polyester or microfiber threads, which have moisture-wicking properties. These threads are then knitted in different forms to produce fabric of different properties. Breathability, stretchability, structured look, and gloss finish are some of the properties that could make up the fabric. Dryfit t shirt generally doesn’t shrink with proper care.

Here are some common dri fit materials that are popular with our customers:

    • Standard dri fit Eyelet
    • Premium dri fit Flat Knit
    • Premium dri fit Interlock
    • Micro Pique

Standard Dri fit Eyelet

A favourite for camps due to its comfortable and slightly more affordable pricing, the Standard Dri fit Eyelet is a dryfit material knitted with visible tiny holes on the t-shirt. The result is a comfortable and breathable dri fit t-shirt that is popular with most customers. Due to the knit, the Eyelet dri fit material also absorbs sweat and dries faster due to the increased surface area.

A slight concern for Standard Dri fit Eyelet would also be the very characteristic that gives it the advantage over other drifit t-shirts. The visible holes will also be noticeable on the design when printed with printing methods like silk screen printing and heat transfer printing. However, the design would look perfectly fine from far. Alternatively, the desired design can be embroidered if the design is suitable.

Premium Dri fit Flat Knit

For those seeking a premium and sophisticated look, the Premium Dri fit Flat Knit t-shirt is an excellent choice. The tightly woven fabric creates a smooth and structured surface, providing a polished appearance that’s perfect for corporate events, professional uniforms, or any occasion where an elegant presentation is required.

The flat knit’s smooth surface is ideal for intricate and detailed designs, making it a canvas for creativity. Whether you want to showcase your brand logo, intricate patterns, or finely detailed text, this material brings out the best in your custom t-shirt designs.

Premium Dri fit Interlock

If comfort is your priority, look no further than the Premium Dri fit Interlock material. This top-grade dri fit fabric offers a soft and luxurious touch against your skin, making it a delight to wear during extended periods of outdoor activities or even for casual everyday use.

The interlock knit structure not only enhances comfort but also contributes to the fabric’s excellent stretchability and shape retention. The material molds perfectly to your body’s contours, providing a flattering fit that ensures both comfort and style.

Micro Pique

For a touch of formality and elegance, the Micro Pique dri fit t-shirt is an impeccable selection. This fabric exudes refinement, making it an ideal choice for formal events, corporate functions, or any setting where a polished appearance is essential.

Moreover, the Micro Pique’s moisture-wicking properties remain intact, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable, even in more formal settings or during prolonged periods of wear.

Uses of Dri fit t shirts


Dri fit t shirts are versatile and widely used in various applications:

    1. Sports and Athletics: Athletes and sports enthusiasts love dri fit t-shirts as uniform for their moisture-wicking properties, ensuring comfort during intense physical activities.
    2. Corporate Events: Companies choose custom printed dri fit t-shirts for corporate events, team-building activities, and company outings to present a professional image.
    3. School and University Events: Custom dri fit t-shirts create a sense of unity and pride among students, whether for clubs, sports teams, or orientation programs.
    4. Promotional Campaigns: Branded dri fit t-shirts serve as effective walking advertisements, increasing brand visibility during promotional campaigns.
    5. Fitness and Gym Wear: Gyms and fitness centers offer dri fit t-shirts to members, promoting their brand while providing comfortable workout apparel.
    6. Charity Events and Fundraisers: Dri fit shirts are used to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes, offering participants functional and stylish items in return. 

Dry Fit Printing

Dri fit printing, also known as sublimation printing, is a specialized method that involves transferring ink onto plain t shirts made by dry fit fabrics. The process ensures that the ink adheres seamlessly to the fabric, creating vibrant and long-lasting prints that won’t fade or crack over time. Unlike traditional methods, dryfit printing is designed to maintain the breathability and moisture-wicking properties of the fabric, preserving the comfort that dry fit materials are known for.

With dri fit printing, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Whether you’re creating team uniform, promotional t shirts, or event souvenirs, you can achieve stunning results with various customization options:

Vibrant Colours

Dri fit printing allows for high-definition, full-colour prints that make your designs pop. Capture attention and make a statement with bold and eye-catching hues that reflect your brand or event theme.

Detailed Artwork

Intricate designs are fine for dri fit printing. From complex logos to elaborate patterns, this printing technique brings out the finest details with precision and clarity.


Add a personal touch to your custom t shirt by including individual names, numbers, or messages. Perfect for team sports, corporate gifts, or special occasions, personalisation adds a unique and thoughtful element to your apparel.


Dri fit printing works seamlessly on different types of dry fit materials, including eyelet, flat knit, interlock, and micro pique. Whether you’re looking for a casual or formal look, the versatility of dri fit printing caters to all preferences.


 TrendInk Service

At TrendInk, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality dri fit shirts that exceed your expectations. Our printing methods and embroidery techniques ensure durability and precision, allowing your customized designs to withstand the test of time. We understand the importance of attention to detail, and our expert team works tirelessly to ensure every dri fit shirt is a masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use dryfit printing for intricate and detailed designs?

Absolutely! Our printing services can handle complex designs, ensuring all intricate details are accurately reproduced on your custom dryfit t-shirts.

Will the prints on my dryfit t-shirt fade after washing?

No, you can be confident that prints created through dryfit printing will retain their vibrancy and sharpness even after multiple washes. The ink used is specially formulated to adhere securely to the fabric’s fibers, making it highly resistant to fading or cracking. Additionally, the moisture-wicking properties of dry-fit materials ensure that the t shirt dries quickly after washing, which helps to maintain the integrity of the prints.

Can I choose different t-shirt shapes with dryfit printing?

Yes, it is compatible with various t-shirt shapes and styles, providing you with the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you prefer the classic crew neck t-shirt, the sporty V-neck t-shirt, or the trendy raglan sleeves t-shirt, dryfit printing can be applied to all these t-shirt shapes with ease.

How long does it take to get my custom drifit t-shirts printed?

It offers fast turnaround times, making it an excellent choice for both urgent orders and planned projects. The precise and efficient process allows for quick production, and you can expect to receive your custom t-shirt promptly.

The exact turnaround time may depend on factors such as the quantity of t-shirts, the complexity of the design, and the service’s schedule.

Can I combine different printing techniques for my custom t-shirt?

Yes, you have the option to combine different techniques for your custom t-shirt. It can be combined with other methods like screen printing, embroidery, or heat transfer to create unique effects and styles.

How should I care for my dri-fit printed t-shirts?

Taking proper care of your dryfit custom t-shirt will ensure their longevity and vibrant appearance. It is recommended to wash the t-shirt in cold water with like colors and avoid using fabric softeners, as these can affect the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric. As a quick dry and lightweight material, you can tumble dry on low or let them air dry to prevent excessive wear.

Are there colour limitations with dri-fit printing?

It offers vibrant and full-colour prints, allowing for a wide range of colour choices to match your design needs. Unlike some other methods, there are no significant colour limitations with dryfit printing. You can choose bold and vivid colors to create attention-grabbing designs or opt for subtle tones for a more sophisticated look on your t-shirt.

Can I get a sample of the dri-fit custom t-shirt before placing a bulk order?

Yes, many printing services offer the option to request a sample of the dri-fit printed t-shirt before placing a bulk order. Getting a sample allows you to assess the print quality, fabric feel, and overall look of the custom t-shirt.