Not sure how or where to begin for your shirt design? We are here to help! Kickstart your design process by narrowing down the scope into bite-sized pieces.

1) How big should my design be?



  • Left chest logoLeft chest logo This is the position to go for when your brand calls for a subtle and classic look. (Can show Teelogist polo logo or the Burgundy Trendink tee)
  • Across chestAcross chest Opt for an across chest size when you prefer a straightforward and direct branding approach. (Can show classic Trendink tee)
  • Full frontalFull frontal A full frontal design provides a bold and playful method of displaying your individuality and creativity.


  • Small logo at the backSmall logo at the back Choose a small logo size when you want your identity to have a clean and simple appearance.
  • Across backAcross back The across back area would be a typical choice for a clear and concise placement of your logo. (Any shirt with ‘Crew’ on the back?)
  • Full back
    Having the design on the entire back capitalises on the extensive coverage for an eye-catching spot for your company or club’s personality to show through. (Can show Trendink Bali tee)

2) How many colours should my design have?

  • Does your brand/club have its own unique styleguide? Feel free to let us know if there’s any Pantone colours that we have to stick to.
  • Otherwise, keep it simple with a single-coloured design so that the focus is kept on the brand and identity instead of unnecessary details or colours. 
  • Experiment with a variety of colours for more vibrant vibes.

3) What material should I go for?

We have a myriad of material that you can choose from to best suit your needs – check them out here. (insert inline HTTP to types of fabric)

4) Other considerations

Of course, designing is a very broad field and these tips are meant to just slightly help nudge your brain juices a lil for your shirt designs. Other than these tips, you can also take a look at the diverse printing methods that are available.

Or you may also be interested in the types of apparel and range of products we carry.

Our friendly relationship managers are also here to help! Feel free to reach out here!